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How we can help you with Digital Asset Management

Do you operate an extensive website or online shop and have a multitude of digital documents, images, graphics and videos? Previously you will have saved them on different servers in more or less well-structured filing systems. The effort required to obtain information for the content of your online applications, as well as to organise and maintain it, is growing rapidly.

Your problems are our challenges

Our solutions for managing e-commerce and content management assets

Have you got the feeling that you can no longer keep track of all documents, images, graphics and videos, and are you looking for a solution as to how you can take back control and have a clear overview and structure?

Therefore, you want to manage your data more efficiently in a system in the future. It should enable clear management of your media data, be intuitive to use, and allow it to be easily distributed to all your communication channels. You may also want your files to be managed in such a way that your team members can create, edit and distribute content together. We have a solution for you! The Content & Collaboration Cloud from our partners at Celum GmbH. The platform, which has been developed by CELUM, supports marketing teams, product managers and content editors with their work in relation to content procurement, creation, editing, management and distribution.

The Cloud-based solution offers extensive options for collaboration with a sophisticated rights management system. Another advantage of the CELUM solution is that it can be beautifully integrated into your system landscape. Here’s where we come in. We make sure that the applications which are important in your content lifecycle are connected to the CELUM platform. Be it your Content Management System, your online shop or your Product Management System (PIM). Together with our partner CELUM, we make sure that it’s more efficient and cost-effective to provide your communication channels with content, which means you have more time and a healthier budget to tackle various other topics in your day-to-day work.

You already have some idea about Digital Transformation, or you have already developed a plan. Are you aware that you can simplify your media data management and make it more efficient by using a Digital Asset Management System and are you looking for support?

We will be happy to help. In doing so, we trust our partnership with Celum GmbH. It is the provider of the innovative Integration HUB fĂŒr Produkt Content, which is a Digital Asset Management tool that you can use to find and share content, and provide channels for your content.

In this regard, we take care of integrating the Celum system into your online shop, website or mobile app. We adapt the required interfaces to your system-specific needs, and thus ensure that the Celum Digital Asset Management system is properly integrated into your system landscape for e-business and e-commerce.

You have determined that searching for suitable content i.e. research on text contributions, images and videos, and creating your own content is very time-consuming. Therefore, are you looking for a solution to get closer to information that fits your brand, products, services and existing content?

In co-operation with our partner of the Celum GmbH, we can also help you in this case. Celum's Content Marketplace makes it easy to procure and deliver content for content marketing. With the help of this extension of its Content Collaboration Cloud, Celum creates, manages and processes images, graphics and further information on exciting content in one system.

And with other useful features, such as the workrooms, which will greatly simplify working with the media files in your team. Please take a look at our description of the Celum Digital Asset Management System [link on the page Celum-DAM], which possibilities arise for you when using the solutions of Celum.

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Our Experts in Motion team have many years of experience in software development for e-commerce. We take control of projects from start to finish, whether they are agile or classic. We resolve outstanding tasks and bring the project to a successful conclusion, together with our clients.

We would also be happy to support you with your project proposal. See our range of services for yourself.

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) with Content & Collaboration Cloud and Workrooms
Digital asset management is also a central component of the content strategy for medium-sized companies. Developing, finding, sharing and integrating content into other systems are key factors in the content lifecycle. With the Celum DAM and the Workrooms as a part of the Celum Collaboration Cloud, medium-sized companies can streamline their product and brand processes and save time and money.

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