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Dusyma Online Shop and Web Content Management for Schmiderer & Schendl

After relaunching the Dusyma Kindergartenbedarf GmbH website and online shop using Intershop Commerce Suite 7 created the conditions required to roll out for other clients as well as into new markets, Experts in Motion was commissioned to implement a white label shop

The goal was to enable the partner company Schmiderer & Schendl Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG to also be able to sell Dusyma products online in the Austrian market, based on the existing e-commerce system and in the shortest possible time. In addition to innovative products for kindergartens, schools, parents and seniors, the partner should also be able to manage their own items in the online shop. This includes furniture, which in part is manufactured in one-off production.


Reuse Dusyma’s functionality and e-commerce processes by using Intershop Commerce Management 7 (ICM)

Additional client or sales channels in the Dusyma system with customer-specific adjustments for the Austrian market

Intershop Commerce Management (ICM) Standard Product XML Import

Exporting orders to Emasos ERP

The solution – Channel extension in Intershop Commerce Management

By implementing the online shop with the Intershop e-commerce standard software, it was possible to take over the functionality of the Dusyma online shop and adapt the system to the special features of the Austrian market. Some of these adjustments could be made in the configuration of the Intershop Commerce Management.

The starting points for technical adjustments to the specifics of the Austrian market were a separate distribution channel and client-specific modules for the Schmiderer & Schendl shop. These contain all functions, catalogues, items and content specific to the Austrian online shop. After the basic data had been transferred from the Dusyma shop and adjusted, the partner’s own products could also be incorporated into the system. To do this, the item numbers needed to be adjusted.

The technical approach chosen for the system will allow the Austrian partner to benefit from appropriate Dusyma system expansions in a short period of time in future.

The Austrian shop is also operated by Experts in Motion.

Additional Features

In addition to connecting a Emasos ERP and a separate shipment cost calculation, debit card payments were also implemented for Schmiderer & Schendl.

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Austrian company Schmiderer & Schendl Gesellschaft m.b.H. & Co. KG is sales partner of Dusyma Kindergartenbedarf GmbH and has been active market for over 40 years. Its head office is in Mehrnbach, Austria

Our Client – Schmiderer & Schendl

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