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Companies today face complex challenges when it comes to digital transformation. High competitive and cost pressures, as well as rising customer expectations in terms of speed, functionality, and service quality, are forcing companies to re-evaluate their strategies.

To stay competitive, businesses need to adapt their processes and come up with innovative solutions. We understand these challenges and have extensive experience in e-commerce projects in the enterprise sector. We can offer you customized solutions that will drive your digital success.



Introducing new digital platforms and restructuring established sales structures can bring about a significant change process within a company. This change process can affect the employees and the business processes. We can help you navigate through every step of this process, starting from developing a digital strategy to selecting the appropriate e-commerce platform and implementing it in your IT infrastructure.

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Product Information Management

Having accurate product information is essential in any e-commerce project. With a Product Information Management (PIM) system, you can manage all your product data in a centralized platform, which significantly reduces manual maintenance efforts. This enables you to display your product data consistently and localize it across all your channels. This is especially beneficial for companies with multiple brands or international subsidiaries. We work alongside you to develop a data concept that aligns with your business needs and support you in implementing it within your IT infrastructure.

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Content management system

Having high-quality content is crucial for establishing your brand and marketing your products and services. A Content Management System (CMS) can assist you in organizing and distributing your content across various channels. In e-commerce, information conveyance is usually limited to basic product details. The challenge is to integrate content and commerce in a way that provides your customers with a seamless and engaging shopping experience. We can assist you in developing an effective CMS strategy that meets your needs.

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Conversational AI

Interacting with your customers through your customer service center can be a lengthy and expensive process. Frequently, agents are required to perform simple and repetitive tasks that could be assisted by digital text and voice assistants. By utilizing conversational AI, which is a technology that employs artificial intelligence to comprehend speech, you can automate business procedures while also increasing customer satisfaction. By using advanced and adaptable enterprise virtual agents in chat and voice channels, you can provide customer and employee service support.

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AI Search

AI-powered e-commerce search has revolutionized the way online shoppers search for products. These intelligent algorithms analyze user behavior, purchase history, and preferences to deliver personalized and relevant search results. This not only enhances the user experience but also increases the chances of converting potential customers into buyers. We specialize in search technologies such as SOLR and, and we can help you develop a tailored search strategy for your e-commerce business.

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Industries face various challenges during times of transformation. The increasing digitalization requires companies to adapt quickly to new technologies, which further demands investments in infrastructure and employee training. Moreover, customer needs are changing rapidly, and companies must develop customer-centric strategies to survive in the market. This compels companies to rethink their business models and production methods.

Our consultants, with industry experience, analyze your business strategies, processes, and systems. Based on your company’s DNA, we design digital solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Let’s shape this change together!

Manufacturer – B2B & D2C

Manufacturers are required to provide a comprehensive range of information and services pertaining to their products. Creating a dedicated e-commerce platform can help them tap into new sales markets and offer personalized deals to both retailers and customers. A digital customer portal can act as a central base for interacting with business partners and customers, by enabling direct access to customer-specific information, products, parts catalogs, IoT data, and services.

Wholesale – B2B

The landscape of B2B wholesale is being shaped by increasing digitalization and changing customer demands. To help you stay competitive in this modern retail landscape, we develop customized digital strategies that focus on key aspects such as multi-brand strategies, centralization of product data in the data warehouse, localization and personalization of content and offers, and customer-specific pricing strategies. We can also help you build a digital customer portal and open new sales channels.


The automotive industry is undergoing a digital transformation and facing a range of new challenges. Due to increasing competitive pressure, innovative solutions are essential. Our team can help you develop forward-thinking concepts and implement relevant digital solutions. We have worked with leading automotive manufacturers and have a thorough understanding of the industry’s needs.


The food industry is shifting from traditional retail to e-commerce-based direct-to-consumer strategies. As more customers order products and food online, having a targeted and sustainable e-commerce strategy is becoming increasingly important. Our experts have worked on numerous projects within the food industry, and they understand the processes and strategies needed for successfully distributing food in the digital environment.


The pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a transformation due to digitalization. With the increasing costs and evolving customer expectations shaped by experiences in other sectors, it’s crucial to rethink the traditional approaches. The main challenge is to provide a seamless digital experience for customers, whether they’re ordering prescription medications or using digital consulting services. At the same time, it’s important to comply with regulatory standards and industry-specific requirements. We can help you develop a forward-looking transformation roadmap and integrate the necessary building blocks into your IT infrastructure.

Strong Partners

We can offer you a wide range of customized systems and solutions through our extensive network of specialized partners and leading technology providers. We understand that every business is unique, with its challenges and goals. That is why we offer more than just off-the-shelf solutions – we offer a range of solutions that can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Intershop Commerce Cloud - E-Commerce-Plattform


Intershop’s Commerce Cloud is a highly flexible and scalable e-commerce platform. Its architecture allows for customization and integration with existing enterprise systems. As a Platinum Partner, XIM implements the Intershop Commerce SaaS platform with dedicated B2B functionality.

Sparque ist eine fortschrittliche KI-basierte Plattform, die Online-Händlern dabei hilft, die Kundeninteraktion durch personalisierte Produktempfehlungen und Suchergebnisse zu optimieren, um so die Kundenerfahrung zu verbessern und den Umsatz zu steigern.


Sparque is an advanced AI-based platform that helps online retailers optimize customer interaction through personalized product recommendations and search results to improve customer experience and increase sales.

Die SAP Commerce Cloud (ehemals Hybris) ist eine umfassende E-Commerce-Lösung, die sich durch ihre tiefe Integration in das SAP-Ökosystem auszeichnet, wodurch Unternehmen ihre Prozesse über Vertrieb, Marketing, Service und IT nahtlos verknüpfen können.


SAP Commerce Cloud (previously Hybris) is a comprehensive e-commerce solution with deep integration into the SAP ecosystem. It offers extensive customization and configuration options for demanding and complex B2B and B2C business requirements.

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We understand the digital challenges of medium-sized businesses. Our extensive experience in e-commerce projects, especially in the enterprise segment, makes us the right partner for your long-term digital success.

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