Wir bewegen uns auf neuen Wegen

As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we are excited to unveil a new brand identity::

XIM – more success per bit.

Foundation and Growth

Our company has always been committed to advancing and innovating since its inception. Our founders, Benjamin Rost, Andreas Gairing, Heiko Busch, Michael Wälde, Ingo Frank, and Wolfgang Schober, were already well-established in the e-commerce industry and laid the foundation for our expertise.

Over the years, our company has not only expanded in size, but also in the range of services we offer. Currently, we have a team of experienced senior level employees, as well as young talents working in various areas. These new employees bring new ideas and skills to the company, allowing us to deepen our expertise in e-commerce, systems integration, and IT consulting. Furthermore, we have been able to develop new business areas, such as online marketing and business consulting.

Strategic Realignment and Branding

To reflect this development and to strengthen our market position both internally and externally, we revised our positioning in collaboration with the Stuttgart-based advertising agency SAHARA. The result is not only a sharpened vision and transformation strategy, but also a new brand identity.

News Workshop

XIM – more success per bit

We are signaling our commitment to innovation, expertise, and future-oriented solutions in the digital sector with the adoption of XIM and our claim “More success per bit”. We believe we are well equipped to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the digital future, and we are excited to collaborate with our customers, partners, and employees to make this a reality.


Benjamin Rost, Vorstand